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Thule Canoe and Kayak Carriers

Take your gear

You’ll need a base roof rack for carrying kayaks and canoes. Thule offers a range of watersport carriers that attach to this.

Competition level, performance kayaks are best carried deck up with cradle support, especially in the case of carbon race boats. We’d recommend the Thule DockGlide, which protects the hull with structured support and protective cushioning.

For recreational enthusiasts, the Thule DockGlide is designed for single-handed loading. The Thule Hull-a-Port with its side loading, on the other hand, allows for additional boats or other gear, or even a roof box, depending on your vehicle type. All kayak and canoe carriers come with tie downs and buckle protectors.

For a sit-on-top, with flat, robust gunnels,  protector pads on your rack are more than sufficient protection when transporting your kayak.