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Thule Roof-top Bike Racks

Take your gear

Carrying your bicycles on the roof of your vehicle is simple with Thule’s range of roof rack mounted bike carriers. Thule’s roof top bike carriers can be mounted to any reputable brand of roof rack, and can be put on and taken off easily when not in use, to free up your roof racks for other carrying purposes.

Each rack is a single bike carrier, and more than one can be mounted to your roof rack depending on how may bikes you need to carry at any one time. Its kind to bicycles, offering open spacing between bikes, away from mud and flying stones.

This is an ideal bike carrying solution for non-towing vehicles. And this is a perfect option if you need to pull a trailer or caravan on your tow hitch, and want to take your bikes too.

The roof mounted solution is cost effective if you change your vehicle regularly, considering the cost of towbar installation versus the cost, where necessary, of replacing certain components of your roof rack to fit it to your new vehicle.