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Bike Carriers for Trailers

Take Your Gear

And take your bicycles too.

With a trailer hitched to the back of your car, Thule’s roof mounted bike racks make it possible for you to travel with your bikes too. But where roof mounting isn’t an option, either because your vehicle is too high or you’re loading other gear on your roof, carrying your bikes on the top of your trailer may be the solution for you.

How it works

Using various fitment methods, we attach a base rack onto the trailer lid to secure the load bars. Any one of the following rack types can then fitted to the load bars: ProRide, FreeRide or UpRide, depending on your needs.

trailer bike racks


On standard leisure trailers, you can carry up to 6 bikes. On custom build trailers for tour companies, corporate cycling team vehicles and cycling clubs you can carry as many bicycles as the trailer build will allow. We can help you spec this.

Track record

We’ve provided bicycle carrying solutions on trailers, and on the inside of commercial panel vans for the last 7 years. We’ve fitted more trailers than any other Thule store in South Africa.

Let us give you the best value-for-money solution based on your needs – please fill us in with some details.

    Towing tips

    • Always check the nuts and bolts of the racks before travelling with mounted bicycles
    • Avoid towing an unladen trailer when bicycles are mounted
    • Reduce tyre pressure on you trailer
    • Always check wheel nuts
    • Always make sure lights are in working order
    • Once a year, check trailer wheel bearings and leaf spring mounts
    • Avoid a squeaking tow-ball coupling, using a piece of plastic around the ball instead of grease.