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THULE Roof Racks

Take your gear

Free fitment in-store, or we come to you

Get your Thule roof racks fitted in-store, or one of our mobile fitment units will deliver and fit your order to your vehicle, at no additional cost to you. Our mobile fitters are dispatched to within 50km of the Johannesburg and Pretoria CBDs.

Which roof racks?

Thule roof racks are vehicle specific, assuring you of a perfect fit – and the safety that goes with it. The Thule roof rack system is component based, and the required parts for your vehicle will depend on its make, model and year.

Thule offers 3 options:

  • a great value-for-money black square load bar that’s functional and reliable
  • a complete all-in-one roof rack that’s simple to mount and take off
  • a sleek, high performance roof rack with advanced low profile, integrated design

Best Price

We’ll send you a competitive quote for the perfect-fit roof racks for your needs – but first, we need to know your vehicle details and your requirements.

    New vehicle does not have to mean new roof racks

    When investing in a safe, secure 100% fit Thule roof rack system, bear in mind that it is component based. When purchasing a new vehicle, your roof rack may be transferrable or Thule’s system modularity may allow for you to transfer certain components onto your new vehicle.

    Getting a new vehicle and want to transfer your roof racks?

    Contact us to find out what items can be re-used.

    Tied down for take-off?

    Before you hit the road for destination adventure, make sure your gear is safely secured to your roof racks. Check out our tie-down check-list