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Roof Racks Loaded: Measure up for your next adventure

Tips for travel with your gear on top

There are many easy-to-use Thule roof rack solutions for carrying extra luggage and transporting sport equipment on the top of your car. Roof boxes are a fuel-efficient alternative to cumbersome trailers which have the downside of maintenance and licensing. Roof mounted bike racks save bicycles from flying stones and mud. One aspect to bear in mind when opting for these popular solutions is load height.

Bicycles or a roof box can come off second best when forced into battle with a garage door or a car port for example. Our crew of Rack n Road fitment specialists have fitted thousands of Thule roof rack solutions over the past decade, and brief our customers on some simple things you can do to remember you’re loaded on top:

  • first up, measure up – know the new height you’re travelling with, roof racks and load all in
  • hang something brightly coloured but non-obstructive on your rear-view mirror, such as a buff or lanyard, as a reminder
  • think about the route you are going to be travelling and identify any potential low hanging hazards before you set out
  • remove sporting equipment or a roof box from your roof racks when you have finished using them

Some additional suggestions that may work for you:

  • as you leave your home, put something in front of your garage door as a reminder, such as a parking cone
  • don’t have your remote garage door opener in its usual spot in your car; leave it at home or put it in a different place temporarily
  • place a temporary sticker on your window control, or on the driver side window, to warn you as you wind down your window to enter a parkade

Then of course there is a range of apps available to help you navigate your way when clearance is a consideration and we’ll be reviewing some of these in the coming months.

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