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Thule introduces Thule VeloSpace, the versatile bike carrier for all bike types

Available in stores winter/early spring 2016, the all-round bike carrier has become reality.

Thule VeloSpace has been developed especially for large and heavy bikes – such as e-bikes, fatbikes, and downhill mountain bikes – but works just as well for city bikes and children’s bikes. Thanks to the carrier’s high load capacity (2 x 30kg), extra-large distance between the bikes, extended aluminium wheel trays (up to 1300 mm wheelbase) together with the adjustable pump buckles and extra-long wheel straps (up to 5″ wheels), you can rest assured that the Thule VeloSpace will be able to carry your bikes, no matter what kind you want to take.

thule-velospace thule-velospace

Thule VeloSpace equals ease of use and convenience. Like other towbar-mounted bike carriers, it requires minimal lifting to load and unload, making it the preferred choice for heavier bikes. It is also easy to mount and adjust the carrier on the car because as soon as the carrier is placed on the towbar it stabilizes itself and can be positioned correctly. The bikes can be locked to the carrier and the carrier can be locked to the car. You can always access the trunk of your car by tilting the carrier, even when your bikes are already mounted.

The versatility of Thule VeloSpace is emphasized by its range of value-adding accessories. A transportation wheel can be attached to the bike carrier to make it easier to transport to and from the car. A loading ramp is another clever accessory, letting you load and unload your bikes without effort and can be neatly stored on the carrier when not in use. By adding the Thule BackSpace lightweight cargo box your bike carrier will transform into an all-round carrier, using the bike carrier platform to fit a spacious and accessible cargo box. Thule BackSpace is also available in stores early winter/spring 2016.